Welcome to Bloom From The Heart's 2024-2025 Mini Camp Program!

The 2024-2025 program will begin on September 9, 2024 and end on May 30, 2025. The 2024-2025 Mini Camp program is currently FULL.  Click HERE to register your information and preferred schedule, and you will be placed on a wait list!  

Bloom From The Heart Mini Camp Program is Bloom's Montessori and Waldorf inspired play-based program for ages 18 months up to age 3. 

Children do not need to be potty trained to join this program. Maximum number of children per day is 6 (with 1 instructor).

While this is a drop off program, parents are welcome to stay on site if it is more comfortable for them. However, we do ask that the parents remain in the cafe area to encourage the child to participate independently in the program with their classmates. Learning the skill of independence is one of many we will strive for in the program so the minimum distraction the more successful this will be. 

Children who reach age 3 in our program are encouraged to join our Bloom From the Heart program to continue evolving through a Montessori inspired program to help them achieve their fullest potential as they prepare to move on to a formal preschool or kindergarten classroom outside of Bloom.

What is the difference between Montessori and Waldorf?

While both are very similar in many ways, especially in the importance of a multi sensory approach to learning, being play based, and integrating practical life skills into daily rhythm, one key difference is that Montessori embraces real life experiences whereas Waldorf embraces imagination and fantasy. We believe that both are equally important in developing the whole child and so integrate aspects of both into our program and our play environment (i.e. the mini kitchen and washer set are more “Montessori”, whereas the fairy wings and play silks are more “Waldorf”). 

What is the typical day like and what can I expect my child to get out of this program?

Our daily rhythm is developed to keep the children engaged and moving throughout the day to different areas of the space, including outdoors, to maximize movement and socialization opportunities while allowing them safe independent choices and a range of topics and disciplines to pique their interests and nurture their curiosities. We have daily specials in art, music, movement, sensory, and dance, opening and closing circles where we review the calendar, weather, celebrate seasons, holidays, and birthdays, have snack, lunch, and enjoy indoor and outdoor play. 

For the age 18 months-3 years old toddler, the main goals are:

  • Developing basic language and social skills
  • Problem solving
  • Visual discrimination
  • Physical coordination
  • Concentration

This is done through a daily routine that includes activities such as:

  • Self-care activities such as washing hands, using the bathroom, and preparing meals
  • Large-motor skill activities  such as walking, running, balancing, climbing and dancing
  • Fine-motor skill activities such as grasping, doing puzzles, transference, drawing and coloring
  • Language and social skills development by interacting with peers and teachers through conversations, singing, and storytelling

What should I not expect from this program?

Bloom is registered as a play space and NOT licensed nor accredited as a child care facility, and should not be utilized as such. This part time program is a recreational class offering of Bloom whose program content offers a flexible part time opportunity to nurture your child's unique self and meet them where they are through purposeful activities and play. Learning through play allows us to foster a natural love for learning through the child's curiosity, creativity, independence, and building trusting and loving human relationships. 


1) Click HERE to get to the registration form! NOTE program is currently FULL for the 2024-2025 session - upon receipt of your form, you will be placed on a waitlist and will be informed should a space become available.

2) Once you submit the registration form, be sure to pay your registration fee within 5 days HERE to confirm your child's spot in the program! - Do not pay until your waitlisted spot is available




BFTH MINI CAMP 2024-2025 program will begin on September 9, 2024 and end on May 30, 2025. 

There are scheduled holiday breaks during the year (exact calendar to be provided). 


While our Montessori approach offers us the opportunity to meet your child where they are developmentally and provide a personalized approach to their experience, given our limited resources as a private non-accredited program, please understand we are not equipped to support children who may not yet be ready for this program. Some of the key milestones we would need for your child to have met in order to have their best experience in our program are: ability to follow the routine of the day with focus; ability to understand keeping hands to oneself/gentle interaction with peers; ability to work with materials as they are meant to be used; ability to take direction from the teacher and contribute to a safe environment for themselves and their peers. 


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9am-12pm

Before Care: 8am-9am



You may select 1, 2 or 3 days a week. Please note there is a 6 student max per day, so your options may be limited based on how many are signed up for any given day. 


You will be charged weekly on every Monday for the FOLLOWING week as long as your child is enrolled. Any cancellations must be made with 2 weeks notice for future charges to be cancelled. A valid credit card must be on file and automatic payments made to the card on file. Card declines must be paid by alternate payment method within 3 days of declined charge. 

You will not be charged for any holidays or days BFTH Mini Camp is not open, including scheduled holidays, snow days, and unplanned instructor illness (we are not planning to have subs for this program at this time; should the instructor need to be out sick, we will call/text/email you no later than 7:30am on the morning of). 

Refunds however are NOT given for sick days or unplanned absences. You must provide a minimum of 1 week notice of a planned absence in order to not be charged for that day. 


1 day a week = $25

2 days a week = $45

3 days a week = $60

Before/After Care = $5/hr (siblings $2.50/hr)



A non-refundable registration fee of $50 is required within 5 days of submission of the registration form to confirm your child's spot in the program. Your spot is not confirmed until the fee is paid and you have received an email with a confirmation of enrollment. If the program is full, you will be placed on a waitlist. If you wish to be removed from the waitlist, your registration fee will be refunded. 



All scheduled holidays and snow days are not charged.

Credit is available for scheduled absences with a two week minimum notice provided of the expected days out.

Unplanned absences and sick days are not refundable or credited. Make up days are not available for any missed days.




Registration Fee: $50 registration fee is non-refundable for any cancellations made after submission of the registration fee and your child's participation in the program is confirmed. If the program is full, you will be placed on a waitlist. If you wish to be removed from the waitlist, your registration fee will be refunded. 

Cancellations: Any cancellations that are made within 1 week of program start or any no-shows are non-refundable except for extenuating circumstances (i.e. unforeseen illness). Once the program is in session, if you need to unenroll for any reason, please provide at least a 2 week notice, and any unpaid future invoices will be cancelled (or refunded for any pre-payments made).


We look forward to learning, playing and growing together at Bloom From The Heart! If you have ANY questions or concerns at all, please don't hesitate to contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by phone at 272-200-2245.